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What is Creatively Random?

Welcome to Creatively Random, the podcast for people who have endless interests. Join friends Michael Craft & Padraig Treanor on an adventure of audio visual madness as they dive into topics spanning design, production, entertainment, tech and pop culture.

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“We are both creatives and we love so many aspects of it that picking just one area to love is hard, so we wanted to create a space for people who like many things. We’re looking forward to bringing humorous, topical conversations about the things you love and that we’re passionate about. Thanks for tuning in!”
– Michael & Padraig

Michael Craft

Michael is the a Senior Motion Graphics artist at one of Australia’s fastest growing Finance companies. He has over 10 years experience in Graphics Design, Motion Graphics and Live Broadcast and has worked with Sony Music, Red Bull, ect.

Padraig Treanor

Padraig is the Creative Manager at Sydney based creative agency, KYU Media. He has over 8yrs experience shooting, editing and managing creative projects for brands such as M.J. Bale, Meat & Wine Co, AMEX and Sephora.



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