Frosted Wallpaper Pack


14 stunning wallpapers in both vertical and horizontal layouts, all inspired by the dreamy combo of frosted glass and colourful lights. The Frosted Wallpaper Pack has been lovingly crafted to bring life back to your devices. 

This pack includes:

  • 8 Dark Wallpapers (Portrait)
  • 8 Dark Wallpapers (Landscape)
  • 6 Light Wallpapers (Portrait)
  • 6 Light Wallpapers (Landscape)

Rendered in stunning 4K ready to grace your desktops and home screens.

Feel free to share how you use them with us @creativelyrndm on Instagram or send us an email at



The Process

This wallpaper pack emerged from a playful exploration in Blender. Through a process of experimentation, various techniques were thrown at the virtual canvas: geometric shapes morphed, textures like glass and metal were applied, and materials experimented with, all under the watchful eye of the Cycles engine. Some attempts yielded happy accidents, while others were discarded as learning experiences. But through this trial and error, a collection of unique and visually striking wallpapers bloomed, each one a testament to a journey of learning new techniques and skills to carry forward.

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